Extends FCMCtrlPopup

A popup for selecting a defined page size. The dimensions in the current unit are displayed along side each page size in the same way as the Page Format dialog.

Summary of modifications:

  • SelectionChange has been overridden to match the specialised functionality.
  • Setting and getting is now only done base on page size.

The following inherited methods have been disabled:

  • Clear
  • AddString
  • AddStrings
  • SetStrings
  • GetSelectedItem
  • SetSelectedItem
  • SetSelectedLast
  • ItemExists
  • InsertString
  • DeleteItem
  • GetItemText
  • SetItemText
  • AddHandleSelectionChange
  • RemoveHandleSelectionChange




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Input Type Description
self FCXCtrlPageSizePopup



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Returns the selected page size.

Input Type Description
self FCXCtrlPageSizePopup
Return type Description
string|nil The page size or nil if nothing is selected.


fcxctrlpagesizepopup.SetSelectedPageSize(self, size)

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[Fluid] Sets the selected page size. Must be a valid page size.

Input Type Description
self FCXCtrlPageSizePopup
size `FCString string`



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[Fluid] [Internal] Checks the parent window’s measurement and updates the displayed page dimensions if necessary.

Input Type Description
self FCXCtrlPageSizePopup


fcxctrlpagesizepopup.HandlePageSizeChange(control, last_page_size)

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[Callback Template]

Input Type Description
control FCXCtrlPageSizePopup
last_page_size string The last page size that was selected. If no page size was previously selected, will be false.


fcxctrlpagesizepopup.AddHandlePageSizeChange(self, callback)

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[Fluid] Adds a handler for PageSizeChange events. If the selected item is changed by a handler, that same handler will not be called again for that change.

The event will fire in the following cases:

  • When the window is created (if an item is selected)
  • Change in selected item by user or programatically (inserting an item before or after will not trigger the event)
Input Type Description
self FCXCtrlPageSizePopup
callback function See HandlePageSizeChange for callback signature.


fcxctrlpagesizepopup.RemoveHandlePageSizeChange(self, callback)

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[Fluid] Removes a handler added with AddHandlePageSizeChange.

Input Type Description
self FCXCtrlPageSizePopup
callback function Handler to remove.