Summary of Modifications

  • Add method _FallbackCall to gracefully allow skipping missing methods in earlier Lua versions



__fcmbase._FallbackCall(self, method_name, fallback_value)

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Checks the existence of a class method before calling it. If the method exists, it returns as expected. If the method does not exist, it returns the fallback_value. This function allows a script to call a method that does not exist in earlier versions of Lua (specifically, in JW Lua) and get a default return value in that case.

@ additional_parameters (…) The additional parameters of the method.

Input Type Description
self userdata The class instance on which to call the method.
method_name string The name of the method to return.
fallback_value any The value that will be returned if the method does not exist. If this value is nil, the function returns self.