Extends FCMCtrlPopup.

This mixin defines a popup that can be used to change the window’s measurement unit (eg like the one at the bottom of the settings dialog). It is largely internal, and other than setting the position and size, it runs automatically. Programmatic changes of measurement unit should be handled at the parent window, not the control.

The following inherited methods have been disabled:

  • Clear
  • AddString
  • AddStrings
  • SetStrings
  • GetSelectedItem
  • SetSelectedItem
  • SetSelectedLast
  • ItemExists
  • InsertString
  • DeleteItem
  • GetItemText
  • SetItemText
  • AddHandleSelectionChange
  • RemoveHandleSelectionChange

Event listeners for changes of measurement should be added to the parent window.




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Input Type Description
self FCXCtrlMeasurementUnitPopup



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[Fluid] [Internal] Checks the parent window’s measurement unit and updates the selection if necessary.

Input Type Description
self FCXCtrlMeasurementUnitPopup