User-created config file “notehead.config.txt” will overwrite any of the values in this file. Store the file in a folder called “script_settings” in the same location as the calling script.

To change the shape (glyph) of a note, add to the config file a line of the form: diamond.quarter.glyph = 0xea07 – (SMuFL character) OR diamond.quarter.glyph = 173 – (non-SMuFL character)

To change the size of a specific shape add the line: diamond.half.size = 120 And for offset (horizontal - left/right): diamond.whole.offset = -5 – (offset 5 EVPU to the left)

Note that many of the shapes assumed in this file don’t exist in Maestro but only in proper SMuFL fonts.

version cv0.57 2023/02/12



notehead.change_shape(note, shape)

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Changes the given notehead to a specified notehead descriptor string, or specified numeric character.

Input Type Description
note FCNote
shape lua string or (number)
Return type Description
FCNoteheadMod the new notehead mod record created