Mixin Helper

A library of helper functions to improve code reuse in mixins.




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Disables mixin methods by setting an empty function that throws an error.

@ … (string) The names of the methods to replace

Input Type Description
props table The mixin’s props table.



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A helper function for creating a standard control event. standard refers to the Handle* methods from FCCustomLuaWindow (not including HandleControlEvent). For example usage, refer to the source for the FCMControl mixin.

Input Type Description
name string The full event name (eg. HandleCommand, HandleUpDownPressed, etc)
Return type Description
function Returns two functions: a function for adding handlers and a function for removing handlers.



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Helper function for creating a custom event for a control. Custom events are bootstrapped to InitWindow and HandleCommand, in addition be being able to be triggered manually. For example usage, refer to the source for the FCMCtrlPopup mixin.

Parameters: This function accepts as multiple arguments, a table for each parameter that will be passed to event handlers. Each table should have the following properties:

  • name: The name of the parameter.
  • get: The function or the string name of a control method to get the current value of the parameter. It should accept one argument which is the control itself. (eg mixin.FCMControl.GetText or "GetSelectedItem_")
  • initial: The initial value of the parameter (ie before the window has been created)

This function returns 4 values which are all functions:

  1. Public method for adding a handler.
  2. Public method for removing a handler.
  3. Private static function for triggering the event on a control. Accepts one argument which is the control.
  4. Private static function for iterating over the sets of last values to enable modification if needed. Each iteration returns a table with event handler paramater names and values.

@ … (table)



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Creates a custom change event for a window class. For details, see the documentation for create_custom_control_change_event, which works in exactly the same way as this function except for controls.

@ … (table)