This library implements a UTF-8 text file scheme for configuration as follows:

  • Comments start with --
  • Leading, trailing, and extra whitespace is ignored
  • Each parameter is named and delimited as follows: <parameter-name> = <parameter-value>

Parameter values may be:

  • Strings delimited with either single- or double-quotes
  • Tables delimited with {} that may contain strings, booleans, or numbers
  • Booleans (true or false)
  • Numbers

Currently the following are not supported:

  • Tables embedded within tables
  • Tables containing strings that contain commas

A sample configuration file might be:

-- Configuration File for "Hairpin and Dynamic Adjustments" script
left_dynamic_cushion         = 12        --evpus
right_dynamic_cushion        = -6        --evpus

Configuration files must be placed in a subfolder called script_settings within the folder of the calling script. Each script that has a configuration file defines its own configuration file name.


configuration.get_parameters(file_name, parameter_list)

Searches for a file with the input filename in the script_settings directory and replaces the default values in parameter_list with any that are found in the config file.

Input Type Description
file_name string the file name of the config file (which will be prepended with the script_settings directory)
parameter_list table a table with the parameter name as key and the default value as value