Script installation

Before installing a Lua script, make sure you've installed either RGP Lua or JW Lua.

  1. Find the script you want and click "download"
    This will download a .lua file. You can search for and find scripts on the scripts page of this site.
  2. Save the downloaded script
    You can save it anywhere on your computer, though make sure you can keep it there permenantly. The two most common places to save these are in the same folder you installed the plugin, or a cloud-synced folder (like for Dropbox or Google Drive).
  3. Open Finale and open a document
    The plug-in menu does not appear unlesss a document is opened.
  4. Open the plugin
    For RGP Lua, to to Plug-ins > Lua > RGP Lua…. For JW Lua, to to Plug-ins > Lua > JW Lua….
  5. Go to the manager tab and click on the [menu] plug-in group
  6. Click "open" next to the Plug-in Groups section
    Note that there are two "open" buttons. You want to click the bottom one.
  7. Find the saved .lua and select it
    Click "open", and the file should now be listed under Items in Group.
  8. Close the plugin. You may also get a warning that the changes will not be reflected until you restart Finale, you can close this warning.
  9. Restart Finale and view the new script under Plug-ins > Lua
    You can now run this script!